Retro Brown Leather Straps TAG Heuer F1 Replica Watches For Sale

In 2016, TAG Heuer launched a “Autavia Cup” campaign, inviting fans and collectors of the brand community to vote together from 16 pieces of Autavia antique table and select the best replica watches models. There are more than 50,00 people. The final winner is 1966 Autavia 2446 III. So in 2017, the brand launches popular TAG Heuer F1 Autavia chronograph replica watches.

Autavia watch is a portmanteau combination of automotive and aviation, released by Jack Heuer in 1962 for the first time. And it is the first watch with a rotating bezel and this feature adds more features for the functional watch. As same as all the TAG Heuer chronograph copy watches with self-winding movements, identity of Autavia watches and racing world are indivisible – racing legend Jo Siffert, Mario Andretti and Jochen Rindt all wore.

The 2017 TAG Heuer fake watches with black dials are based on the 1966 Rindt (Ref.2446). Moreover, the latest Autavia is a blend of retro style and modern sensibility. Visually, the watch is very compatible with the original.

2017 New TAG Heuer Carrera Fake Watches For Ladies

Carrera series is the flagship series of TAG Heuer. And since in 1964 Jack Heuer launched chronograph watches, this series has now launched a number of different sizes of watches for men and women to choose. In the following we will introduce two kinds of TAG Heuer fake watches with quartz movements for ladies.

In 2017, TAG Heuer decides to give new copy watches with steel cases which have both the movement style and modern sense for energetic young women nowadays. The white dials match with steel cases, diamonds plating time scales and white crocodile straps. While the blue dials copy watches adapt simple design styles-steel cases, concise time scales and blue crocodile straps. The new Carrera series is close to new generation.

The new Carrera series copy watches adapt 36mm diameters which fits for ladies wrist and presents elegant charm of wearers. The inspiration of this kinds of watch is from TAG Heuer-01 chronograph automatic watches in 2015.

2017 Rose Golden Cases TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 Replica Watches

As a pioneer of the Swiss watchmaking brand, TAG Heuer will add for the best-selling Carrera series new watches – exquisite Carrera Heuer 01 chronograph replica watches which not only adapt titanium metal and other modern materials, as well as more precious metal material: 18K rose gold.

The new homemade Chronograph has all the characteristics of the first generation of Heuer-01 watches including hollow dials which have become a symbol of Carrera series, titanium metal 45mm case and bezel with speed dial. The crowns, hands and time scales are in 18K rose gold which adds luxury characters into watch. The TAG Heuer fake watches with self-winding movements are fashionable and full of sense of movement.

The copy watches with brown leather straps are signal TAG Heuer chronograph timepieces which have got much popularity among young people. With the development of movements, the watches have top quality that you do not need to worry.